Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My 10 Foodie Essentials

Helllo Everyone! I saw this on another blog and thought it was cute so thought I'd share mine as well.

10 Foodie Essentials
items that are ALWAYS in the kitchen

1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips
I won't buy any other my store they're only $0.04 more than Nestle, about $1 more than store brand but hey, good quality chocolate truly makes a difference

2. Real Parmesan Cheese
that stuff in the green can tastes nothing like Parmesan...I use this to add instant flavor to many dishes. It's well  worth the $10 a month price tag

3. Dried Beans and Tofu
As vegetarians...this is a must! I also keep a couple cans of beans around just in case I forget to soak them.

4. Whole Wheat Pasta
I'm so well stocked on this stuff that I only buy it when it's $0.20 or less a box. I can create SO many dishes with pasta...and I truly enjoy the taste of whole wheat.

5. Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce & Paste
Always enough to make a big batch of spaghetti sauce whenever I want.... :) and yes, organic does make a difference. I had some coupons for this one time and have become totally hooked! I buy more each time new coupons are released (and even when they're not) because it tastes SOO much better

6. Greek Yogurt
Normally my dear Chobani but Fage went on sale last week and it was pretty good as well!

7. Bell Peppers
Out of all of the produce, I always buy at least one bell pepper each week, whether I have a plan for it or not...I'll figure something out to do with that deliciousness! (I forgot to take a picture of my last bell pepper before using it for dinner last night! oh well, you'll see it soon...)

8. Kosher Salt
it tastes better and is easier to add with your fingers when you're in a "pinch" ;) haha

9. Canned Diced Tomatoes
because fresh tomatoes are not always cheap...or fresh

10. Cake/Cookie Mixes
GASP! I know, I know...but I'm only human. And sometimes I'm lazy. They're really easy to customize and make your own, just check out Picky Palate! She's made like 80 different cookies starting with yellow cake mix! Plus, when these go on sale and I have coupons, they are super cheap!

There ya go. The 10 items that you will always find in my kitchen (or pantry)...what are yours??

I got a new haircut this weekend. My hair was in desperate need of a cut and I had always wanted to try bangs but my face was so full they looked weird. Now that I've lost the pudge from my face...what do you think? :)

They can lay flat as well but it takes more work and they curl up by the end of the day anyway. Until next time! ♥


Corinne said...

super cute hair cut! it looks great on you!

I like your top 10 list - I would have some of your things on my list too!

kitchen koala said...

I like the bangs!

Great list too. I'd have to pick these: (in no particular order)

1. Jasmine rice
2. Dried pasta
3. Peanut butter
4. Chocolate chips
5. Canned tomatoes
6. Sweetened condensed milk
7. Kosher salt
8. Cheese (for snacking)
9. Microwaveable popcorn :D
10. Frozen veggies

Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea. I have a lot of these in my pantry, plus:
--marinated artichoke hearts
--tuna packed in olive oil
--jarred roasted red peppers
--unsalted butter in the freezer

PS The bangs are cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I love your haircut. I want to get bangs too, I'm just not sure I'll look any good in it... :P

Keri said...

Okay... ( I love this kind of stuff)

1.Soy Sauce
2.Seasoned Viniger
5.Course Salt and Pepper
6.Chicken Stock

It seems crazy to stop here. but if I only get 10.......


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