Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FTW Wednesday

One of my favorite bloggers is Running off the Reese's. Don't know her? Go stalk her. You'll thank me.

Every Wednesday, she does a tirade called WTF Wednesday. Like everything on her blog, it's hilarious. A freakin ab workout.

But for some reason, I'm in a really good mood today (don't question the mood gods) and wanted to do something different. So I reversed it: FTW Wednesday.

I'm so freakin clever. (Not really but still.)

I haven't bitten my nails in over a week and a half. No one is as impressed with this nail growth as I am but whatever people. I've been biting my nails since I was two. 9 days is ahmazing. Small victories.

I have lost 17 lbs over the last 4 months. I'm only 2 lbs away from my original goal weight that I made 3 years ago. Two freakin pounds. How glorious does that sound?!

It was just like this. Except not really. (source)
After sitting in traffic for an hour and a half last night, I still went running and lifted weights. Rockstar motivation. No idea where it came from.

What's your FTW? Tell me something fabulous!


Reese's Runner said...

17 pounds holy cow!!! Or toddler, whatever. That's awesome. I like FTW Wednesday!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I love FTW Wednesday, so creative! And wow--all that weight lost, amazing!
I bite my nails too--so I'm impressed with your 9 day streak!

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