Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's Talk about Fries!

I am a huge fan of Alexia products. I think y'all know that from here. or here. or here. ;) So when they asked me to help "Reinvent a Classic", I jumped at the chance! Last year, Alexia asked consumers to choose the next new flavor for their all-natural fry line-up. After 20,000 votes, Lemon Parmesan Waffle fries will be available this fall!

This year, they've enlisted some of the top food bloggers to create new fry creations! Eeek! While I'm not sure about the "top food blogger" part, the pressure is on. Over the next four weeks, I'll be trying different combinations and trying to come up with the perfect fry! And there's way I could do this without y', let's talk about fries!

Answer carefully. (source)
What type of fry do you like best? Russet or sweet potato?
I'm definitely a sweet potato fry girl! I adore them. Buttt, there is always a time for regular fries, which tend to be more crunchy to me.

Does the cut (julienne, crinkle, waffle, wedge) actually make a difference? Which is your favorite?
It depends on my mood! I think the cut of the fry makes a texture my opinion, from crunchiest to softest: waffle, julienne, wedge, crinkle. But if I had to choose, waffle! They. are. just. so. cute.

Do you like simple or complex seasonings on your fries? Any ideas?
I prefer complex seasonings! Warm fries with some sea salt are delicious but I like my mouth to sing with flavor! ;) I have a feeling when those Lemon Parm fries come out, I'm gonna be a huge fan :)

What kinds of condiments do you use to dip fries?
I'm pretty standard: barbeque, ketchup, mustard. My parents are from the west so I grew up eating a lot of "fry sauce" which is a combo of ketchup and mayonnaise. I haven't used that in a while though...I know what I'll be doing next time! ;)

What about you?! 

Disclosure: Alexia Foods has provided me with product coupons and monetary compensation for my participation in this program.


Gen said...

I loove either sweet potato fries or waffle fries!!!! I actually like my fries with just salt and pepper (potato) or cinnamon (sweet potato) and don't really use any condiments!

The BabbyMama said...

I am all about the seasoned waffle fry!

Anonymous said...

sweet potato fries with mustard is one of my all time favorite snacks! ... I think I just came to the conclusion that I need to purchase a waffle fry maker, sticks just aren't the same :)

Christina said...

I love Alexia fries too (and their garlic bread). Spicy sweet potato fries are my favorite and I am a sucker for a good waffle fry!

I'm not into ketchup but I love dipping my fries in aioli. Truffle aioli makes me swoon.

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